September 12, sub directions

posted Sep 11, 2016, 4:38 PM by
Hi Class,

    Sorry I am not in today. My son is sick again.... Hopefully you all saw that I changed the due date for the last homework. I received quite a few emails from people who where confused about the due date or were not able to complete it by midnight for various reasons. When you get your chromebook today I would like you to login into your mymathlab account. You will be working on the assignment labeled "September 12 classwork (more practice for quiz on 1.3)". On Wednesday you will have a quiz on 1.3. Please write down the question number for any questions that you are struggling with. On Tuesday I will answer questions on this and on the homework assignment. If you finish this assignment you can use the rest of the time as a study hall. Wish I was there to help you guys out. See you Tuesday.

Mr. Whipple