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Factoring quadratics HW

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March 13 sub directions

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Good Morning,
Today you will start by logging onto your ixl account. Find the math tab and click on it. On the next page click on the algebra link. Go down the page until you find the solve quadratics heading. Under the quadratics heading click on BB.1. You spend class working on section BB.1, BB.2, BB.3, and BB.4. Email me if you have questions. Good luck.

Mr. Whipple

Sub-directions January 19

posted Jan 18, 2017, 4:54 PM by

Hi Guys,
Today you will be learning about exponential growth and decay functions. You will start by checking your answers from yesterdays classwork. I have attached the answers below. Please make note of any questions you would like to go over when I return. Once you have completed this watch this video,  . I would like you to take notes in your notebook as you watch. The teacher is pretty thorough and does a good job explaining the basic concepts of exponential growth/decay. When you have completed the video you will be working on the 7-7 practice that I have attached below. Good luck. 

Mr. Whipple

Sub Directions January 17

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Exponential Functions HW #1-16

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The document works best if it is opened in microsoft word.

January 5 movie link

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Sub directions January 4

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Hi Guys,

 Hopefully you completed the finding properties of exponents worksheet from yesterday. If not I would like you to complete this before moving on.

Next, copy this link, , into your browser and watch the entire video. It should clear up any questions that you may have.

 Lastly, I would like you to work on #1-24 at the end of the packet labeled “Properties of exponents”. You must ask the substitute teacher for this packet. The problems start on page 9.


Good Luck!

Sub Directions January 3

posted Jan 3, 2017, 4:26 AM by

Hi Guys,

 Today you will be working on an introductory activity to for the next unit on exponents. You will begin today by working on a sheet called “Finding properties of exponents”. This packet will help you discover the basic properties of exponents. You can work on this alone or with a partner. Once you have finished this ask the teacher for the “7-2 practice”. Use the remaining time to complete this worksheet. Good Luck!

Remaining Comp1 test review answers

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Here are the rest of the answers.

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