September 12 sub directions

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Hi Class,

    Sorry I am not in today. My son is sick again.... Because I am not there those of you who had planned on retaking the adding and subtracting integers will do this on Tuesday. I will also check the homework that was due today on Tuesday. I also want to let you know that you will be having a quiz on multiplying and dividing integers on Wedesday. Today you will begin class by playing the game located at this website for 20 min, . After the 20 minutes is up work on the on the worksheet below. You do not need to print these out. You can write the questions and answers in your notebook or a separate piece of paper. The answers for the worksheet are also attached. Do not look at these before you attempt to answer the questions. You can then check your answers once your are done. I will be checking these in class on Tuesday to see that you answered each question and that you checked your answers. At the top of the paper you should put the number correct out of the total number of questions
    Once you are done with the worksheet I would like you to watch the video,, you can copy this link into a separate browser window. I would then like you to complete pages 5 and 6 from the note packet on Friday. These notes are lablel "Day 6: Rational and Irrationals Algebra 1A-1 Foundations". ONLY ORDER THE RATIONAL NUMBERS. Any numbers that are irrational can be left alone.  I will check this on Tuesday. If you complete all of this work you can use the rest of the time as a study hall.

Mr. Whipple
Sep 11, 2016, 3:48 PM