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May 24 sub directions

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Good morning class,

Today you will begin by watching a video that covers volume of oblique prisms. At the end of class you will have a 2 point formative on volume of prisms and cylinders. The video is quick but hopefully it will answer some of the questions you may have. The link is . After watching the video you will complete the worksheet that I have attached below. Do your work on a separate piece of paper or in your notebook. When you are done check your answers. Ask the teacher if you have questions about any of the problems. After this, you will take the 2 point formative. You can use a calculator but you are not allowed to use your notes. Take your time and show all of your work. If you plan on retaking the comp2 test, use the remaining time to complete test corrections. If not, you can use the remaining time as a study hall.

May 23 sub directions

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Hi Guys,

Today you will be learning about volume of prisms and cylinders. You will begin by watching the video . Watch the whole video. He doesn't talk about oblique prisms but we will cover that when I get back. Once you finish the video I would like you guys to work on T.4 Volume of prisms and cylinders in IXL. When you finish you can work on the book work p.628 # 12,13, 15, 22, 25, 34, 35.  Good luck.  

March 13 sub directions

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Good Morning,
Today you will start by logging onto your ixl account. Find the math tab and click on it. On the next page click on the geometry link. Go down the page until you find the triangles heading. You will start today by working on "M.1 Midsegments of Triangles". After 25 minutes you will move on the section "M.3 Identify medians, altitudes, angle bisectors, and perpendicular bisectors". After 25 minutes move onto section M.5. If you get through all those sections complete M.6 and M.7. Email me if you have questions. Good luck.

Mr. Whipple

Points of Concurrency in Triangles

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Sub directions January 17

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Sub directions January 5

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Video 1 -

Video 2 -

Book access

Sub directions January 4

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Hi Guys,

Once you have completed enrichment sheets 1-3 and 1-7 you can check your answers using the key below. Have good day.

Mr. Whipple

Fermat's Last Theorem

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Sub Directions December 14

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Good Morning!
Sorry I am out again today. I am trying to keep you on track so I have made a lesson that you should be able to follow along with online. You will start by completing the sheet titled Geometry 1 Day 6. I have attached the sheet below. Once you have completed this warm up compare your answers with a partner. Next ask the teacher for the sheet titled "Practice1-6". When you have completed this check the answers in the attached document below. Next ask the substitute for the sheet titled "Measuring Angles Formative (1-6)". Complete this on your own and hand it in to the teacher. This will count as a 1 point formative assessment. You can use any remaining time as a study hall.

Sub directions 11/15

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Hi Class,

Today you will be exploring polynomials, linear factors and zeros on your own. Begin by visiting . I would like to you to complete these sections:

-Finding zeros of polynomials
-Zeros of polynomials and their graphs
-End behavior of polynomial functions

Each section has a few lecture videos followed by practice problems. When I get back tomorrow you will get your quizzes back. Good luck. Email me if you have any questions. 

Mr. Whipple

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